Thursday, May 13, 2010

P&G overtly targets American Boomers

How interesting. This is the title of the press release that has just arrived in my inbox: "NBC Digital Networks and Procter & Gamble Productions Target Baby Boomer Generation with the Launch of 'Life Goes Strong'."

So what is this all about? In the words of the release: "P&G is launching a network of websites celebrating the topics and passions at the centre of this dynamic generation's everyday lives."

From what I can see it is, what us oldies once called, a ‘portal’ site that contains themes of information about ‘family’, ‘technology’ and ‘style’. You can see that this is the launch package with more to follow.

Here are a couple of quotes.
"Knowing that more than a third of all Internet users are adults between 45 and 64 years-old, we saw an opportunity to work with Procter & Gamble to create a site network that can actively fuel this age group. With expert content that ranges from caregiving for both kids and older parents to fashion trend 'don'ts' to a look at apps for grown-ups, we're confident that Life Goes Strong will deliver on its promise to celebrate the interests of mid-lifers." (NBC Digital Networks)

"Our unique collaboration has enabled brand marketers within P&G and beyond to engage with consumers around their interest areas and passion points. With this property in particular, we're enabling advertisers and brands to reach a powerful demographic with an annual spending power of $1 trillion." (P&G)
Here are my immediate thoughts:

1. No forums or pretence at social networking. Very wise.
2. Interesting name. Of course it doesn’t mean anything but is a combination of words with positive connotations that I suspect most people will see has “life goes on”.
3. Low budget. It is a nice enough portal but hasn’t cost the earth. My guess is that it is something of a punt to see how it performs.
4. Interesting choice of the launch topics, family, style and technology. Safe and a give-away about the target audience - the more sophisticated consumer.

Now here is the interesting question. Why would a sophisticated older boomer get their tech fix from this site rather than the commentary in the general or tech press? Same question about older women (and men) regarding ‘style’? However, it is a lowish budget venture that gives a framework to hang boomer related content around and provides an anchor for digital WOM activity.

It will be fascinating to watch how this baby venture develops with the resources of NBC and P&G as the parents.

It is a web site that I will be keeping a close watch upon. Dick Stroud

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