Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Ageing is not just about the old. Exciting new research institute is opened in Ireland.

I have always been impressed with the way that Ireland has tackled the issues of ageing. Right from the beginning it has seen it as an opportunity rather than something to be avoided or ignored.

I have just read that yet another institution, devoted to ageing, has been launched. The Mercer Institute for Successful Ageing, is located on the campus of St James’s Hospital.

Funded by €17 million in capital support from Atlantic Philanthropies along with backing from the
Ireland's Department of Health, it looks to be doing some interesting work.

The launch event generated headlines in the Irish press that challenged the the idea that ageing is solely for the old. And indeed they are right. We think of ageing a subject that we can put in a box and open when we have had our 70th birthday. Think again.

As the director of the institute said, the most dramatic changes in our cells start at the age of just 38. Ten years on from this point in our lives, high blood pressure or arthritic changes or weakening muscles start to kick in so it’s important that people realise the things you need to do at this age to ensure healthy productive ageing almost to the end.

Here is what the Irish Times had to say. I am sure the Institute will make a great contribution to our knowledge of ageing and what to do about it. Dick Stroud

Monday, December 05, 2016

Know about the Zulu Principle? Know about physiological ageing? Read this blog and learn about both.

Jim Slater was a financier who wrote a book call the Zulu Principle. Its central theme was that it is possible to quickly achieve an expert, dare I say, guru status in a clearly defined area of knowledge and with it make money.  Chose the right subject and really, I mean really, get to understand it and you will know more about it than all your colleagues and friends and probably more than most other people in your industry.

All of you should have a basic understanding of physiological ageing and how it can be used to create age-neutral customer touchpoints. Why not apply the Zulu Principle to this subject?

It is your lucky day. You can download this basic primer that will be your first step to becoming an expert. It will take 10 secs to download and 10 mins to read. What a fantastic return on your time investment. Dick Stroud

I guess this is a powered exoskeleton? Could be version 1 of a product line with great potential?

Remember Cyberdyne Systems in the Terminator and its creation of Skynet leading to a lot of really nasty stuff happening?

Well Cyberdyne in Japan appears (on the face of it) to have less destructive intent.

I thought the product, that is shown in the video, could have a lot of applications in helping older people maintain mobility.

I am sure it is early days for the product but I would think version 3 or 4 could be really exciting. Dick Stroud