Sunday, June 17, 2007

Any colour – including black

What is it? Read on.
Phonak's new Audeo Personal Communication Assistant (PCA) is set to change the perception of hearing instruments forever. Developed to address the enormous potential of a virtually untapped market of first-time users, it comes with all the appeal of a must-have accessory.
That’s right it is a hearing aid. Don’t you just love this copy.
The baby-boomers may be healthier, fitter and younger-looking than any generation before them, but they still experience mild to moderate hearing loss that goes with middle age. Most of them, however, are reluctant to get help. Extremely sensitive to the stigma of hearing instruments, they reject traditional models as an obvious sign of age and infirmity. Audéo is set to dispel those prejudices with an innovative blend of cutting-edge engineering and award-winning design that will give them effortless listening, even in the most difficult environments.
A simple marketing approach. Turn a product that is reluctantly purchased into a must have tetchy device. Terrific idea and full marks for trying this approach. Will it work – not so sure? Dick Stroud

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