Wednesday, June 27, 2007

ELDR is launched

In March 2007 I wrote an item about a magazine and Web site called ELDR that was scheduled to launch in June 2007. It has launched.

I haven’t seen the magazine but the web site looks professionally constructed and contains lots of stuff. It is far better than most of the eons look a likes that have appeared in the past 6 months.

It was interesting to note that the focus of the company has slightly changed since the March pre-launch. Then the company was about: “helping baby boomers and their aging parents deal with the challenges (and opportunities) of aging by providing the most useful, thought-provoking and trusted information available anywhere". Now it is about: “inspiring the influential 60-plus audience to celebrate the joys, navigate the challenges and discover the meaning of aging”. Maybe they recruited a different copy writer or it indicates a real change in the marketing focus.

Anyway, I wish them luck with the venture. But, I am still far from convinced about the commercial viability of this type of social networking site. Time will tell. Dick Stroud

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