Sunday, July 22, 2007

The mismatch between strategic and tactical marketing

Why did HSBC and Axa spend a shed load of money researching the 50-plus market? Don’t get me wrong – I am not critical of companies taking an interest in the older market – I encourage them to do so. What I don’t understand is why this research appears to have so little impact on their tactical marketing.

I spend a lot of time studying this market and I rarely hear about these two companies or notice references about their research. Why is this?

I suspect, and it is no more than a suspicion, that somebody on-high with HSBC and Axa thought it was a good thing to do. The money was spent, the research completed and the glossy marketing comms materials produced.

Down at the coal face of marketing the troops were unaware, unprepared or disinterested in this gift that corporate marketing/research delivered.

So there it sits in a state of digital decay. No doubt somebody will tell me how wrong I am. Dick Stroud

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