Thursday, August 30, 2007

Eye tracking heatmaps and web design

Chief Marketer has an interesting article about how to improve the copy for Web sites about Webinars.

Eyetracking is a fascinating tool since it really tells you what is going on when people use Web sites rather than what users (or the designers) think is going on.

These conclusions from the research sound pretty sensible and applicable to most other types of sites.
The first word in every headline and paragraph has vastly more impact and influence over response rates than any other words.

Replicating important words in multiple positions over the page can improve response.

Beware of using a third-column such as a vertical navigation bar or additional, unrelated offers above the fold. Landing pages with fewer click options, fewer path decisions, nearly always get far higher response rates.

Bullet points work.

Immediate calls to action (I like to call it goal centred navigation) work well.
I think this advice is as relevant (if not more so) to 50-plus Web users.

Hopefully,I will be conducting an eye tracking study using older Web users. A question for you. If you could test three things about Web page design and Web copy with an older audience what would it be? Dick Stroud

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Matt said...

I'd love to learn more about how they view left hand navigation. Do they see it? Do they use it? Do they understand it's content and not advertising?