Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Video and the top performing online campaigns

Dynamic Logic has announced the most effective online advertising campaigns of 2006 (UK and US) by evaluating how well each campaign achieved its branding objectives.The thing that most interested me was the following statement:

Interestingly, most of the U.S. campaigns utilized some form of video ads, which previous Dynamic Logic research has shown can effectively cut through the clutter, yielding higher awareness for brands on average compared to online advertising in general.

Video ads can also provide a successful format to communicate to consumers. Many of the video ads appearing among the top campaigns happened to be repurposed TV spots that were adapted for online, and also implemented a variety of video formats, including pre-roll, in-banner and interstitial ads.

Companion units were placed near the video, allowing viewers to interact with the ads and maintaining constant brand presence while the videos were playing.

The top U.K. campaigns included two cinema campaigns for Adrift and The Sentinel, which utilized video as part of the campaign assets.

I keep visiting Web sites that are trying to communicate with the 50-plus that are crying out for the use of video. Unfortunately, video is still associated with youth in the mind of many web designers. Big mistake. Dick Stroud

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