Monday, September 03, 2007

Another social networking web site (but one I reckon will make money)

I have only had a very quick look at and I reckon it looks good. It is a beta-site and that shows when you look at the video. They need to be careful about generating too much publicity until everything is working properly.

What the site does, unlike so many of the generic boomer social networking sites, is to focus on some key issues that grandparents grapple with all of the time: what to buy the grandchildren for their birthday – how to entertain them when they visit.

Assuming the content is good (and remains good and useful) then I reckon this one could make it.

Interestingly, the site has all of the mandatory networking stuff (forums and blogs) but the feeling I got was that this is positioned as second-order functionality, which is where it should be.

You can read more about this and some of the other new 50-plus media ventures in this article in Advertising Age. Dick Stroud

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Matt said...

Thanks for the mention. As you noticed, we're right in the middle of the launch process and we're cleaning up some last-minute details as I type.

The networking functionality does indeed take a back seat to the editorial content and that's intentional. We want to focus attention and build our audience on things like the "101 Things to Do" content for now. The community elements and presence will grow with the audience.