Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get to know about widgets

Know much about widgets? You should. This account of a recent conference session is really worthwhile – interestingly one of the examples used is from eons.

RockYou, claims to be the world’s largest provider of widgets and, a company at the forefront of the widget craze, said their portable applications netted 90 million and 134 million unique monthly page views respectively (’s didn’t include their Facebook users).

Now what is really interesting is that when asked how many of those viewers had actually loaded the widget onto their page, the numbers dropped to about 15-20 million for RockYou, and 30 million for Slide--roughly one out of five for both companies. A big difference between page views and real user engagement. Not surprisingly this subject was a focal point of the panel's discussion.

According to panel moderator (CEO of the Facebook ad network SocialMedia) the widget "users-to-viewers" ratio was an important takeaway for all marketers in attendance. The moderator also asked the panellists to define the difference between “portable applications” and ‘widgets’ since the terms are often used simultaneously. Having read the responses I am no clearer in understanding the differences – I am more confused.

If you want a primer about widgets, in the context of the 50-plus, have a look at this page on eons.

Does anybody reading this blog have access to eye-scanning technology? If so there is a great project to do in looking at the way that older people deal with widgets compared to the young. Dick Stroud

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