Monday, September 24, 2007

How to be Happy

I find the LifeTwo Web site interesting. It focuses on all aspects of middle age, from midlife crisis to midlife career change. The guy who runs the site (Wesley Hein) has an interesting take on life and sources some fascinating content.

This week his feature is all about: "How to be Happy." I cannot believe anybody can’t do with an extra shot of happiness in their lives.

The underlying premise of LifeTwo's "How to be Happy" week is that you can learn to be happier just as you can learn a foreign language or to be proficient at golf. These are not good examples since I am hopeless at foreign languages and have an embarrassing large golf handicap.

Each day this week the site will focus on a different aspect of happiness and provide a lesson and a couple of quick exercises.

How can you not take up this offer – have a look. Dick Stroud

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