Friday, September 21, 2007

Let’s prove there is still life in the oldies

The UK has an Older People's Day on Oct 1 (A what I can hear you asking) and to give it some context a bit of research has been done to list the 60 goals for the over 60s.

Some of the daily press picked up on the story – here is the article in the Telegraph and a taster of the content.
The survey of 1,000 over-50s found that many intended to spice up their retirement by embarking on extreme sports such as parachute jumping or hang-gliding, learning new skills such as cooking or playing an instrument, and travelling. Some dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights, swimming with dolphins and going on safari. Others craved new cultural experiences, such as going to the London 2012 Olympics, visiting the opera, and seeing a West End show. A few just wanted to eat more cakes, have more sex or grow a beard.
I was thinking to myself, what outfit was staging this event. Surprise, surprise I discovered it a Government Initiative . I wonder how many bureaucrats this venture has kept employed! For a lot of over-60s the luxury of retirement is a dream. They are forced to keep working to pay the salaries and pensions of the sorts of characters that came up with this idea. Dick Stroud

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