Sunday, October 28, 2007

The entrepreneurial over-50s – same message from Canada

Research from Ipsos shows that Canada's 50-plus have the same intentions as their Brit counterparts and are setting up their own businesses in droves.

Over 40% indicate the need to keep occupied was the reason why they intended to or have started their own business. Other reasons include fulfilling a life-long dream (29%), needing the money (26%), or just a general inclination between themselves and their partners to start their own business.

In terms of what line of work these Boomers are intending to or are involved in, (27%) indicate that they will become or are currently involved in consulting, while retail (13%), entertainment (4%) and hospitality (4%) make up the other main activities.

You will get a similar, if not more pronounced picture, from the US. Dick Stroud

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