Saturday, October 13, 2007

Getting grandpa wired

The FT is still a subscription publication so I am not sure how long this article will be accessible.

As the name suggests it is all about technology and the old. Not their use of the Internet but the supportive technologies that enable them to “age in place” (i.e. remain in their own homes).

The above video is from the Center for Ageing Services Technologies. It goes on too long and could be cut in half to still convey the same messages but it does show what is already possible.
As the article says.
The goal is to enable the elderly to live safely and independently at home for longer. For their adult children, the point is peace of mind.
I think the benefits of the technology for the kids are probably more than for the parent. It is all about minimizing the ‘guilt’ of not being able to physically do more to help the aged parent.

From a marketing point of view it is clear to me who the customer is for these technologies. Let me give you a clue – it is not the parent.

A couple of the companies mentioned in the article are Grandcare and AttentiveCare. Worth checking out the products and services they provide. Dick Stroud

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Martijn said...

Thank you for sharing this.
Good information is given in the video ad and definitely directed at the childeren of the elderly man.
One thing is a little off though in my opinion. I get the feeling that the family are the ones that are really happy with it.
Ernesto (the elderly person)never really acknowledges the fact that it is actually making him happier. He seems to be using it to make his family happier. However the doctor and the family, all tell us how happy he has become. I a weird way the ad is too realistic as it shows a family that have found a way to lose some of the social guilt.

Did the creators actually mean it this way or is it my Dutch/European way of looking at US ads?

This is the future or rather the present for care indeed and I have already heard demands for better design by the elderly who use this form of technology.