Thursday, October 25, 2007

The UK’s Post Office enters the broadband market to target excluded audiences

This is a quote from the press release.
The new broadband services is primarily targeted at the ‘NETSKI’ generation (whatever that is) of 50-65 year olds with a high disposable income who are going online for the first time - and customers wanting to pre-pay in cash.

The managing director of the Post Office, said: "Until now, some significant groups in society have missed out on all the internet has to offer purely because broadband is perceived as a complicated luxury”.

The new broadband services will be backed by a £9 million marketing campaign across TV, national print and online media, as well as in-branch. The campaign will feature reformed boy band, Westlife.(what a strange choice)
I am not so sure about this idea.

The affluent, well educate 50-65 year old does not view broadband as a ‘luxury’ but a necessity.

The reason why a 50-65 year old has not adopted broadband is for one of the four reasons:
A. Use a PC but cannot afford broadband
B. Use a PC but cannot see the benefit of upgrading to broadband
C. Don’t use a PC and never will
D. Don’t use a PC – would like to – but it all it seems too much of an effort to learn

So what will this new service do to get over these four barriers? I am not sure. For the sake of the Post Office I hope they are! Dick Stroud

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