Friday, January 04, 2008

A few more social networking sites

Thanks to Chuck Nyren the list of 50-plus social networking sites has grown a little longer. See his comments to my recent post.

This got me thinking. Well if truth to be told it provided a distraction to avoid writing a report that has been festering on my desk over the New Year holiday.

The UK site that I omitted is Wanobe. I have already posted a couple of comments about this site at its launch and when I discovered the architecture it is built around.

I revisited the site. Well if the activity in the forums and the page views counters are anything to go by then it isn’t generating much traffic. Sad because somebody has clearly put a lot of thought and money into the site.

Whilst doing a count of users I visited Sagazone again. Back on the 22nd November the number of members stood at 27,572. Today, it is 29,301. That is 1,729 new members in about 40 days. OK, this is a count of members who have agreed to make their profiles visible, so the count will be higher. Let’s say it is double that number – still less than 100 members/day.

Saga can take a little consolation from the fact that Which Computer has highly praised the site in its social networking survey. Big deal.

I promise this is the last time I post anything to do with social networking this month! Dick Stroud

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David said...

Hi Dick
I'd like to thank you about your nice comments about Wanobe and ongoing interest in our efforts.
I admit to being biased as the founder, but may I just say we are now beginning to generate traffic in line with our forecasts, although getting activity moving in the forums is very slow work.
We are a small, lean team at Wanobe (without the mega budgets of Eons, Boomj, Sagazone or others), but we are committed to quality and staying around for the long-term.
I wish I could say we expect fast, Facebook-like growth at Wanobe, but honestly that's not on our agenda. Our ambition is to be be user-centric and take the time needed exploring what our visitors need, want and expect. That may mean we go down the wrong road sometimes, but we hope to be flexible enough to change when required. So ... please keep visiting us at Wanobe, and I hope that around the end of the month you'll see some positive changes, and - hopefully - more activity.
Live well, laugh a lot, Dave
David Noble, Founder & CEO