Saturday, February 16, 2008

12 people who are changing US retirement

You need to read this WSJ article in the next seven days, after then it goes on to subscription only.

Here are a couple of more links that may or may not be available after seven days. The main Web page about retirement and a podcast about the subject.

So who are these pioneers who are shaping the way Americans will live, work and play later in life? Well one of them is Joseph Coughlin who describes his work as "trying to get people to 'age cool.' ”He is the director of AgeLab, based at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A smart guy.

The others I recognised are Eric Dishman (Intel), Michael Merzenich (Posit Science), William Thomas (Eden Project) and a John Rother (AARP).

The others, in case you are interested are William Bengen, John Erickson, Charles Feeney, Katherine Freund, Sheryl Garrett, Bernard Osher and John Stewart.

Perhaps my American friends recognise these names? I have to say I am a bit peeved not to be listed (joke) - I am sure it is bias against Brits. Dick Stroud

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