Saturday, February 09, 2008

Advertising Age is overdosing on Boomers

In London we have a saying that: “You wait for ages for a red bus to come and when they do they come in pairs”. It is a bit like that with Advertising Age. Months without anything about Boomers and then a couple in the same week. See my previous post.

This one is something of a hotchpotch of snippets about Boomers, how to segment them and the strange, and not so strange things they do.

There is one nice quote about dating. Perfectmatch’s CEO said the site has seen a 60% spike in the 50-plus audience from 2005 to 2006, and estimated growth of 140% in the 50-plus audience for 2006 to 2007.

Today I spent lunch with friends who live in an archetypical UK countryside village. A lot of the conversation was about the various romantic adventures of their neighbours (all 60+) who appear to be welded to their PCs using dating Web sites.

If Advertising Age wants to get a tad more basic and to look at some of the other behaviours of the 50-plus it could quote the research from Saga, reported by the BBC, showing that the over-50s are increasingly putting themselves at risk of sexually transmitted infections because they are not using condoms.

Methinks there is a marketing opportunity in the sale of contraceptives to oldies? Dick Stroud

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