Friday, February 15, 2008

The Tripadvisor of retirement communities?

This is the first time I have bumped into

Here is how the site describes itself. is where real people share honest opinions about the best places to retire. This Web 2.0 site was launched in late 2006 with the goal of helping the 78 million baby boomers now starting to turn 60 make more informed decisions about where they should live in retirement.

Our guiding lights are - you have to live somewhere, retirement gives you the freedom to start over fresh, so you might as well make an informed decision!

I think it going a bit over the top with the Web 2.0 stuff but the basic idea of a Tripadvisor site for places to retire might just work. The site’s discussion forums aren’t that well used, but that's never a shock.

There is a free download of a location selection guide. Whilst it doesn’t reveal any earth shattering issues it still asks some worthwhile questions that I bet most people don’t consider before moving.

I am doing a lot of work in the retirement property business and I know what a massive decision moving house is for people (certainly in the UK). A web site that can provide information and insights might just work since there is a huge amount of money associated with relocation. Dick Stroud

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