Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Charities face an interesting few years

Yesterday Oxfam announced that it had appointed an agency to develop its legacy marketing to the Baby Boomers (whoever they are).

Charities and all types of organisations that depend on volunteers face an interesting period. On one hand they have loads of older people reaching the age that has historically been associated with ‘giving’ - on the other hand the new-old may not be destined to follow their parent’s generation in giving their time and money.

This is a subject I will be commenting about a lot more. Dick Stroud

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Martijn de Haas said...

Dear Mr. Stroud,
In the Netherlands we see more participation from the females of this generation. They are driven by the desire to play a more significant role in society as they feel they have lived for their husband and childeren long enough.
Empty nesting and menopause trigger this change according to the psychologist who researched the topic.
I will be following your posts with great interest.

Martijn de Haas