Sunday, April 13, 2008

Start-up businesses for the 50-plus

Either for the reasons of need (no money) or boredom (finished work now what to do) or interest (done with 9-5 work now let’s have new career) their will be a massive increase in older people starting their own business.

Nice to see that there is now a bit of research that comes to the same conclusion. Interesting that Microsoft put up the money for the researchers.

The research reckons that the over-50s "olderpreneurs" (terrible name) can contribute an extra £2.5bn to the UK economy over the four-year period. I suspect this is a "finger in the air" estimate.

What is really interesting, and likely to be grounded in more of a factual base, is that 70% of businesses started by older people last more than three years compared with just 28% started by younger people.

All you companies selling franchises take note. Dick Stroud

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