Thursday, April 10, 2008

There is no 'over 50's' market

Of course there isn’t but it is always nice to know that somebody else has discovered the obvious. It is rather like saying: “Wow this sunrise thing seems to happen every day – maybe there is a pattern.”

I often get asked that how comes there isn’t such an entity called the “50-plus market” that you spend so much time writing about it.

A few reasons:

1. There are still a lot (the majority) of people who think that it does exist. It is the best ‘catch-all’ descriptor I have found for describing the marketing issues that have a disproportional impact on older people.

2. I cannot think of a better title. I have tried “pompous old farts” but it didn’t seem to get much traction.

3. When it comes to physiological ageing there is a real distinction between young and old – you need some mechanism for referring to the marketing issues this creates - 50-plus is good as anything.

4. We need some form of short-hand for talking about large groups of people. We still talk about the youth, female, gay market but few of us are dim enough to believe you can group together large numbers of people and expect them to have homogeneous behaviours.

The truth, which the writer of the article might be coming to terms with, is that the world of marketing is young. Fact. It thinks young. Fact.

The first positive step to countering the resulting ageist outcomes this creates is to understand and practice age-neutral marketing. You could do a lot worse than buying my book that will tell you how this is done. Dick Stroud

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