Saturday, May 24, 2008

Boomer-skewing networks

Every time I go to the US I intend to have a look at the programming from Retirement Living TV (RLTV). You can get a feel for it from the web site.

It appears that the company is seeking to expand its viewership (not sure that is the right word) by using taking a presence on C21screenings. RLTV began life as a distributor working with other boomer-skewing networks around the world. "Boomer skewing" - what a great phrase. Indeed there appears to be seven such networks in Europe, one in Korea, one in Japan and one about to launch in New Zealand.

I wonder how well the US originated content travels? Obviously, programmes like Friends and The Sopranos have a universal appeal but what about stuff on health in retirment?

If anybody from RTLV reads the blog can you tell us something about the European channels? Dick Stroud

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Chuck Nyren said...

I won't comment on RLTV because I'm a smarmy kiss-ass and would love to have them as a client.

You didn't mention France's Vivolta - one that looks like fun even though I don't understand a word they say: