Friday, May 23, 2008

By your targeted ads you shall be known

I have recently been spending more time than normal on Facebook and taking more notice than normal, which is not difficult, of the ads that are being served to my profile. Since I have a very sparse profile it must be doing it primarily on the basis of age.

The above shows eight such ads. Now maybe Facebook knows something that I don’t but four of the ads are about obtaining finance. The one that offered me a loan on my car, with an APR of 437%, certainly did get my attention. It is not a joke it is for real!

There is an ad about 50+ dating, one about specs another from an ambulance chasing legal outfit and astonishingly one promoting a Glaswegian singer. Let me think for a nanosecond before deciding that is not for me.

What does this say about me and Facebook? It looks to me like there is only bargain basement ad inventory targeting older age profiles from small companies – the sort of stuff that appears in the back pages of magazines. So, if Facebook has me listed as a short sighted, lonely, poor old sod with an injured back, that might look for solace by listening to a Glaswegian dirge then its time I departed. Dick Stroud

1 comment:

Chuck Nyren said...

Along with age, add location.

Facebook isn't attracting top tier advertisers. So don't think that only older users are targeted with mostly cheese.

These general interest social web sites will lose their luster soon.