Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TV ads from the US

Many thanks to Rick for sending me the details of some finance related ads currently running in the US. All of them will be targeting an older audience.

Something weird has happened with the voice sync on this ad – you can see the real thing on the company’s web site

Other versions of the ad are available on the web site. Know anybody like this?

I was unsuccessful in locating the ads from Axa Equitable but you can get a feel for the style by visiting the Web site that is also using the creative (an interesting development that you will see a lot more).

As always, comments welcome. Dick Stroud


Martijn de Haas said...

Thanks for sharing these ads.

Retirement planning is different in Holland so it's hard to get a good take on this.

The man on the plane is positive but aimed at a smaller target group that is still in the middle of their working and family lives.

On the second one the only perspective I am trying to evaluate is whether the message of outliving your retirement isn't too much focussed on fear. In my opinion they are ageless commercials.

I found 2 links to the AXA Equitable commercials in their press release.
Here's the link: AXA pressrelease

I think the philosophy behind the gorilla in the room is a well thought up and funny as well. I am not sure if the commercial tells the tale well enough as fear also seems to be the main driver.

I am curious to your take on all of these.



Chuck Nyren said...

I don't like the LFG spots. Simple scare tactics. Too bad, because I did like a campaign of theirs a few years ago: Hello Future.

The AIG one cracked me up. It had a surprising, positive message.