Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who is misleading who?

Have my friends in the US been labouring under a set of false assumptions about the size of the Boomer market? I wonder.

In the latest copy of the Business Week there is an article, based on the research from the The Coyne Partnership that disputes claims of an impending deluge of retiring baby boomers. These look a bright set of fellas, dripping with MBAs and PhDs

Unfortunately, if you want to get the details of these claims you will need to extract your credit card from wallet and buy the report for $1,450.

From the little bit of the rationale that is published in Business Week it looks like the discrepancy revolves around the definition of the term ‘retirees’.

Hopefully, my boomer marketing friends will fire up Excel and start crunching the numbers to dispute these claims. Maybe they are true? Dick Stroud

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