Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cosmetics advertising

Today’s FT has an article (Older, wiser, inspired) about beauty products and the older women, a subject about which I am singularly ill-equipped to comment. But since it is Saturday I will.

Apparently Imedeen has launched an online competition to find a new, non-model agency, face for its Prime Renewal range (by definition an older lady). This is being done in conjunction with Saga and Close Models. Obviously a PR generating competition.

This is the copy from the Imedeen web site:

Being in your 50s today is not what it was. You might be a grandmother, an empty-nester or juggling a career with the demands of young children. What hasn’t changed is the effect of hormonal ageing on your face and body.

The good news is – you can now fight back, with the help of IMEDEEN’s team of style and beauty experts.

To my mind this is drenched in negatives. Terms like “fight back”, “hormonal ageing on your face and body”…

This started me looking at the approach of other cosmetics companies. More of that tomorrow. Dick Stroud

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