Friday, June 27, 2008

Google Ad Planner and the 50-plus

This week Goggle announced Google Ad Planner, a research and media planning tool that connects advertisers and publishers. All you do (so it says) is to enter demographics and sites associated with your target audience, and the tool will return information about sites (both on and off the Google content network) that your audience is likely to visit. You can drill down further to get more detail like demographics and related searches for a particular site, or you can get aggregate statistics for the sites you've added to your media plan.

Has Xmas come early?? What I would give to get my hands on this tool. Just think of the information I could gather about the viewing habits of the 50-plus.

Unfortunately it is invitation only, whatever that means. If any kind souls working for Google read this blog and want to ‘invite’ me then please do. Dick Stroud