Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The 'Mood of Britain'

McCann Erickson’s 'Mood of Britain' survey is not reading for the faint hearted marketer. You might as well start getting the CV into shape and preparing your response to the “we have to make a few budget cuts” pronouncement.

I wish I could point you to the actual report (of course you willn’t find it on the ME site). This review from Marketing is about the best I can find. The phrase that the report uses, that I think most accurately captures the feeling in the UK, is: “the nation holding its breath'.

The media is awash with doom and gloom, but for most people life is going on pretty much as usual. The sky is has not fallen-in, riots are not taking place on the street, but there is this feeling that all hell is about to break loose. Maybe, maybe not. If you are interested in the UK then this is worth a read – irrespective of your focus on the 50-plus or not. If Gordon Brown happens to be reading this blog - stranger things have happened - then I would give this one a miss. Dick Stroud

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