Thursday, July 17, 2008

Audit Commission report about ageing Britain

And yet another major report is published today. This time from The Audit Commission (Don't stop me now – preparing for an ageing population). For a quick summary read the press release.
This is what the Chairman of the Audit Commission, said:

‘By 2029 nearly 40 per cent of England's population will be over 50. These are active people, anxious to stay independent as long as possible. Despite the stereotypes, only 3 per cent of people aged between 65 and 80 live in residential care.

But it's worrying that the councils in areas with the most over 50s are the least prepared to cope with their long-term needs and interests. Ex-punk rockers and Rolling Stones fans are not going to be happy with a cup of tea and daytime TV. As people live longer, those who can help them stay well and independent, need to be a little more imaginative.

Not surprisingly it found that councils in England, particularly those which have the fastest ageing populations, are not ready to meet the challenges or grasp opportunities as we get older and that although the government's 2005 strategy for older people, Opportunity Age, has the potential to improve the lives of an ageing population, so far it hasn't delivered those benefits to older people across the country. Why am I not shocked.

To get a feel for the scale of the ‘problem’ the video shows the increase in the 50-plus population. Yet more reading (76 pages) but full of useful data. Dick Stroud

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