Saturday, July 19, 2008

Finerday has caught the Heyday bug

Back in late June I wrote about a new start-up called Finerday. It looked an interesting venture but I was worried that Age Concern was involved. This is the organisation best remembered for the Heyday disaster (search my blog for multiple references).

I warned them but the launch day, Friday, 4th July came and went and it is now the 19th July. As you can see, still not working.

I am sure (seriously hope) that there are lot of people working away trying to get the site launched. I wish them well.

How can Age Concern get is wrong twice? Well it looks like this accident prone outfit is at long last going to merge with Help the Aged, who seem to have got a winner with its InTune venture.

This is a plea from the heart to the guys at Help the Aged. Please take responsibility for all matters IT. You have been warned. Dick Stroud

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