Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Demographic mapping tool

mature@eu is a EU funded organisation to help employers introduce age-diverse recruitment policies and practices. As the home page of the site says
The hiring policy of enterprises is predominantly youth oriented. Mature jobseekers are being excluded from the recruitment process because they are stereotyped as being ‘too old’ to do certain jobs. If this waste of the skills, experiences and competencies of elderly professionals is counter-productive today, it will become an even bigger problem in the future as Europe’s demographic profile is changing and the proportion of younger applicants is declining.
This site contains a fantastic tool (the demographic risk map) that visually shows the scale of change in Europe’s population. Here is a description of the tool.

The above shows a simple plot of the change in the mean age of Europe’s population. The site even has a PDF tool that enables you to create a document of the analysis.

You can drill down into any European country and look at the regional changes. If demographics is your thing then this is brilliant. Well done mature@eu. Dick Stroud

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