Sunday, October 19, 2008

Equity release ads from Prudential

The press ads target what Prudential and its agency (Tequila) claim is the primary motivator for those considering equity release: to allow them to spend a more comfortable retirement without having to leave the homes that they love.
The aim is to drive traffic to the website.
One ad uses the symbol of a swing, which is painted into a picture of a garden in the same red brush strokes used in Prudential's logo, with the copy: "We've got great plans for the garden in our retirement. Move? Not a chance."

A long copy advertorial will support the message alongside ongoing direct response activity.
Well good luck mates. I would think that as older people look at the size of their pensions implode and the value of their property in free-fall, the last thing they would want to do is add even more uncertainty with a reverse mortgage.

What Prudential must guard against is that because of the current economic circumstances, its customers are older people in distressed circumstances, who need their reverse mortgage to pay for essentials, not luxury holidays and new cars. I am sure the company is well aware of this risk.
I think I would have pulled the campaign. Dick Stroud

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