Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Targeting the 50-plus online

I missed this article when it appeared in ClickZ in April this year.

It doesn’t say anything particularly new but it is a useful insight into the older web user – well at least one type of older web user.

My usual caveat about generalisations but these observations from the article make a lot of sense.
Boomers are voracious readers. They definitely like content, be it news and information, do-it-yourself tips, lifestyle planning and travel, or recipes.

Boomers are curious but pragmatic.

Boomers respond to special offers but not gimmicks. They’ve got money, but they’ll wait for a deal rather than be as impulsive as their younger counterparts.

Boomers, who are living longer, have multiple levels of health concerns for themselves, their aging parents, and their children. Just about all things health and wellness attract boomers.

While both sexes of boomers use the Internet, women seem more likely to drive a broad variety of actions and purchasing decisions, while men more narrow ones.

Dick Stroud

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