Sunday, December 21, 2008

False teeth and a smoking mermaid

I have already written about Charles Grimaldi’s innovative company Grand Breaks that provide holidays for grandparents and their grandchildren. I didn’t realise that Charles and his son were behind, what can only be described as a “beautiful book”, called False teeth and a smoking mermaid.

The book shows the immense importance of the grandparent/grandchild relationship and reveals the memories of an eclectic mix of 80 people ranging from Mrs Thatcher to Jordan.

In case you were wondering where the reference to false teeth came from it was Ricky Gervais (the guy who created and stared in The Office): “She'd show me that she'd taken her false teeth out. It was like an effect out of the Matrix, I’d go into super slow motion and do a complete 180 degree turn and then - wow - I was off like a shot.”

Not only is it an enchanting read but it brings to life for marketers the massive opportunities that exist by tapping into this immensely strong family bond. Dick Stroud

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