Sunday, December 21, 2008

Social networking audiences

During 2008 I cannot remember how many deserted 50-plus / Boomer web sites I have visited, all boasting they are the place for the older generation to meet-up and hang-out and do whatever you do when you mix with a bunch of people you don’t know and almost certainly have nothing in common with.

There is nothing more depressing than looking at notice board with a few subject threads that last were updated in October. It is like gazing into a run-down restaurant where the only people sitting at the tables are the waiters.

If you want to see what really interests people, boomers as well, then have a look at Warrior Cat Clans 2. This is the most popular site managed by Wetpaint. Just look at the activity.

Wetpaint is not shy about declaring itself the leader in social publishing. I guess if you have a network of over one million social sites and partnerships, with the likes of Dell, The Discovery Channel, Fox, HP….you can make that claim. It has just released a list of the trends it has seen during 2008. Not surprising it demonstrates the fragmentation of social networking into zillions of special interest groups.

I wonder how many of the deserted-restaurant like boomer sites will decide that 2009 is the year to chuck-in the towel? Dick Stroud

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