Friday, January 30, 2009

Advertising photography and the older consumer

Creating Results, a US company, has published what looks to be an interesting survey about advertising photography and the older consumer.

The results are based on a sample of 414 Americans over 40 years old.

I have to be honest, I have only had a quick glance through the results. From what I have seen it appears an interesting study.

My fear with this type of research is that it can come to simplistic conclusions (i.e. everybody in the age range XX-XX prefers a particular type of creative). It looks like the research also takes account of the wealth and education of the individual. I hope so.

The other big caveat about “reported responses” is how the respondent answers a questionnaire can be very different from how they act behave.

When I get the time I will read and comment. Dick Stroud

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Erin Read Ruddick said...


The team at Creating Results couldn't agree with you more - there are no simple rules.

In fact, you'll find a paragraph in our the eBook that reminds marketers to try to narrowly define and thoroughly understand their individual prospects.

When Creating Results looked at the data by wealth, gender, lifestyle indicators, employment, education (or a combination of those), startling differences often appeared. Some are highlighted in the eBook.

We're glad the PHOTO FINISH research will be one of many resources for mature marketers. Thanks!

- Erin Read Ruddick