Thursday, January 22, 2009

A good publication about retirement

I find most publications about retirement depressing. A glimpse into a world where I don’t want to go. When you read the next couple of blog postings you will conclude it is a world that few of us will see!

I have just had a look ‘The Mature Guide to Retirement Living’ and reckon it is really good. The layout, style and imagery make it something that I would want to read.

The author, Tony Watts, who set up the Mature Times in 1991 said: “There’s no one single approach to retirement, because what each individual can do is often heavily determined by their health – physical and financial ….all you can do is provide the information people need and let them make their own decisions. Any other approach would be patronising.”

Definitely worth the £7.95. Phone 01275 331933 and I am sure they will be delighted to take your credit card number. Dick Stroud

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