Friday, January 16, 2009

It’s cool to drink McDonald's rather than Starbuck’s coffee

This blog posting title results from reading the “Boomers Caught in Squeeze Play” article in Adweek.

As recession hits the article lists some of the results.

McDonald's taunts Starbucks, in its hometown, with billboards proclaiming: "Large is the new grande" and "Four bucks is dumb."

De Beers positions its diamonds as something to be passed down among generations in a world of "disposable distractions."

Allstate Insurance has its spokesman standing in front of Depression-era photos talking about how in tough times "people start enjoying the small things in life: a home-cooked meal, time with loved ones, appreciating the things we do have..."

The article ends on a chilling note.

The global financial crisis has slowed growth in previously hot, emerging economies like China. Less obvious may be the population drop in large Western European markets like Spain, Portugal, Italy and Germany. Marketers face not only the possible change toward more conservative boomer behaviour, pre-retirement, they're also going to have fewer customers there in absolute numbers. Marketers are going to have to be relentlessly focused on where value is and on their core customers. It's not going to be like the 1950s where you can throw anything out there and see growth.

Have a nice weekend. Dick Stroud

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