Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The thinning of Haggar

JWT Boom, as the name suggests, is the part of JWT - the Boom indicates it focuses on the older market. Without doubt, it publishes the most professional looking newsletter (Livewire) about 40+ (yep, 40+ not 50+) marketing. I was looking back over some of the old editions and found an article about Haggar Clothing.

The marketing campaigns of Stephen Croncota (the head of marketing) helped turn the company around. One aspect of this was his advertising campaign that showed a couple of real life Boomers dealing with the day-to-day problems that Boomers face. See the above example of what you do when the service man is 5 hours late arriving.

As you can see both of the guys in the ad are a little wide around the hips!

I was amazed to see the photo used by JWT to accompany the article. They guy looks to be on the road to anorexia!

I suppose this is a good example of using imagery that reflects our desires rather than reality? Dick Stroud

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