Thursday, February 12, 2009

Grandparents want more than minding the kids

Grand Breaks, the holiday specialist for grandparents and their grandchildren, has completed a research study in association with the University of Brighton about how today’s grandparents like to spend leisure time with their grandchildren. Here are some of the findings:

66% of grandparents want to try new activities, share experiences and discover new things together with their grandchildren, rather than be observers or bystanders.

Age was no longer seen as a constraining variable to travel, or to have any significant influence on the pursuit of outdoor activities. Perhaps not surprising the top activities that grandparents wanted to pursue with their grandchildren were going to the seaside (2nd) and eating out (1st). Less expected was outdoor activity like cycling, walking, sailing and swimming being the third most popular. What surprised me was how low down the list came “Participating in sports”.

Grandparents, who live close to their grandchildren and get involved regularly in the day-to-day tasks (i.e. the school run, preparing evening meals supervising homework) want a break from routine and the chance to spend some ‘quality time’ and just have fun with their grandchildren.

Charles Grimaldi, the founder of Grand Breaks said: “The research shows a more fun seeking, adventurous and younger at heart style of grandparents that has sparked images of today’s grandparents as the ‘Peter Pan generation’ of grandparents!”

This is the first research I have seen done on this subject. Well done Grand Breaks. Dick Stroud

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