Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How to market to Grandparents

MarketingSherpa has an article with tips and Q&A about how to market to grandparents.

A couple of facts to get your attention. In the US, the average age that a parent becomes a grandparent is 48. Grandparents purchase one out of every four toys, four out of every 10 children’s books, and one out of every five video games.

Grandparents are interested in financial products to help fund their grandchildren’s education. Grandparents are interested in having holidays/short breaks with their grandchildren.

All in all, grandparents should be taken seriously. As the article makes clear, becoming a grandparents is nothing to do with age but is all about the bundle of emotions and needs that descends on somebody when their child phones to say: “I have got some good news for you”.

A few sites worth looking at – the Grandparent Marketing Group - and the UK's own Grand Breaks. Dick Stroud

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