Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michelle says turning 50 means she is getting more interesting film roles

At the world premiere of her film "Cheri" at the Berlin Film festival the lovely Ms Pfeiffer said that mature actresses pairing up with younger men is a healthy development for the film industry. She went on to say that putting older women with young men is better than Hollywood putting them out to pasture.
"It seems my leading men keep getting younger the older I get," Pfeiffer said. "It seems people have an aversion about casting me with men my age. Lucky for me; I don't really mind."
This is an interesting take on things. Instead of those dreadful advertising photos of the ageing couple gazing out to sea, or skipping along the beach, perhaps we should have older lady gazing into the eyes of sexy young man.

Whatever the rationale - the more films with Michelle Pfeiffer the better as far as I am concerned. Dick Stroud

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