Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Welcome back Maple and Leek

Maple and Leek, the UK social networking site for over 50s has launched a mature dating section. I first encountered this company back in May 2007.

Like a lot of 50-plus social networking companies it appeared to be having difficulties in attracting users.

To be honest, I thought it had died. But no, here it is, with an updated web site and a focus on oldies in search of love, or something.

Talking about social networking, I had another look at Sagazone. The number of profiles has increased to 60,000, although Saga’s chief executive only claims to have 50,000 of which 6,000 are active in any one month. Odd when a ceo understates the success of something!

I first visited Sagazone back in August 2007 when it had 11,700 profiles. So in 18 months it has added 40,000 profiles. That doesn’t seem a lot to me. Of those I would guess half, at least, are dormant. Dick Stroud

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