Saturday, March 21, 2009

Age and online advertising

Lightspeed Research and the Internet Advertising Bureau – the trade body for digital marketing in the UK have conducted a couple of interesting surveys about consumers’ response to online advertising.

One of the studies asked internet users when they believed they were most receptive to online advertising messages, and the best way to get their attention on the web.

The other research was all about understanding what consumers believe are the kinds of ads most likely to grab their attention online.

Both studies are worth a quick read. I have extracted the two bits of analysis that refer to the demographic differences. My usual gripe is that the research lumps everybody above 55 into one category. Unfortunately, this limits the usefulness of the research.

The messages that jump out of this analysis are that older people aren't interested in the entertaining quality of the ads. This might, almost certainly is, due to the fact that online ads are created for young people. This probably explains the response to “I don’t notice ads”. I was surprised that there was such a steep fall-off with age in the interest in money-off ads. Maybe that is because of the products that have money-off offers don't interest the older demographic?

Clearly the 18-24 year olds becoming progressively attentive to ads as the day unfolds whereas the oldies have a break for lunch. Overall I think the research raises more questions than it answers. Dick Stroud

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