Friday, March 20, 2009 – nice web site

Carol Orsborn, with Mary Brown, wrote an excellent book about marketing to older women - BOOM: Marketing to the Ultimate Power Consumer -- The Baby-Boomer Woman.

Carol has been involved with establishing, a social networking site for boomer women that I wrote about way back in November 2007. I have to be honest that I have only glanced at the site since then but I went back to have a closer look. I do like the visual appearance.

VibrantNation has just published some research about the extent of networking of boomer women. Here are some of the results:
They are in personal contact with at least 46 people each month.

65% share information online with others in their network.

They are comfortable relying on referrals from strangers online if the source is knowledgeable/experienced. They rely on references on websites like (70%), (54%) and TripAdvisor (27%).
Interesting stuff. It would be even more interesting to know how these numbers compare with their husbands and partners. Dick Stroud

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