Saturday, April 25, 2009

Golf clubs = the 50-plus

Where are you bound to reach an older audience? Everybody knows that golf clubs are populated by older people so what better place to advertise your product.

Well yes and no. Firstly, most golf clubs have a high proportion of men – maybe these are not your target audience? Secondly, when somebody is in the protected world of the golf club, are they really susceptible to advertising?

A month or two back I was contacted by the guy who runs Golf Club Media, an agency that specialises in getting promotions in front of golf club members. I asked him to send me an example of how it works.

The above is a campaign that he ran for the Portugal Tourist Board to target the over 50's. It was presented using 600 A3 posters in the club changing rooms. It seems the results were excellent with a recall of over 85% plus a huge increase in the traffic to the travel destination’s Web site.

That facts that further three campaigns have been run seems a good evidence of client satisfaction. An interesting approach. Dick Stroud

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