Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Whatever happened to Tgi50?

Today my Google alerts came up with an article from the Independent that was about a campaign by Greenpeace who was getting itself in a tizzy about palm oil and blaming it all on Unilever.

Incidentally, it seems that Unilever found the experience worthwhile and has put more bucks into its global PR to react to similar sorts of events. Of course it doesn’t actually say that but couches it words like: “brands are now becoming conversation factors where academics, celebrities, experts and key opinion formers discuss functional, emotional and, more interestingly, social concerns.”

Also, it seems that Unilever and Greenpeace are in some sort of dialogue about palm oil. The words of Michael Corleone “keep my friends close and my enemies closer" haven’t been lost on Unilever’s management!

Somehow the author of the article made a jump from palm oil to Madonna’s approaching 50th birthday and the launch of Tgi50 a new agency that was going to transform the 50-plus marketing scene. What? This was ancient news, like a year ago ancient news.

Google must have re-indexed this article and thrown it up in the alerts e-mail.

That got me thinking - what did happen to Tgi50. You won’t get much by looking at the web site. Dead as a doornail. Anybody know? Dick Stroud


Dick Stroud said...

Thanks to Dick Lumsden for answering the question. Mr Campbell has started another agency - nothing to do with the 50-plus - called Campbell Lace (Beta). I am not sure if you include the brackets around the 'Beta'. I wish them good luck.


robert campbell said...

Hi Dick. tgi50 got an injunction taken out against it by WPP. So it now exists as high50. It ain't dead.In fact quite the opposite. Keep your fingers crossed...