Friday, May 15, 2009

Attitudes to sustainability differ by age

This article in Packaging Digest provides an in-depth argument about why sustainable branding strategies need to differ by generational group.

I would really like to see the research upon which these conclusions were made since my bet is that difference in attitudes is more affected by lifestyle then age. However, if this subject is of interest to you then this article provides a good foundation of thinking. This is what it has to say about the older generations.
Boomers and Matures are the most committed to environmentalism. One study participant summed up this position: “I simply believe in environmentally oriented anything!” By all measures, Matures are the generational champions of sustainability and enthusiastically engage in eco- and energy reduction practices—if they are aware of them.

Not surprisingly, the Boomer/Matures are information-hungry and most have the time to commit to learning.
This conclusion is in keeping with my own research in the UK and goes against the most people’s stereotypical assumptions. Dick Stroud

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