Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A conference you cannot miss

On the 18th June I am the chairman of a one-day Market Research Society Conference, in London, about: “Life in the Middle Ages.”

No this is nothing to do with history but that funny period of life between Yoof and decrepitude.

Seriously, this conference is about exploring the ‘big squeeze’ being felt by today’s middle-aged consumer.

The conference has some great speakers from The Futures Company, Royal Mail, GfK Financial, BDRC, Ofcom, Murmur Research, GP Forschungsgruppe, Steel Magnolia, Channel Five, Digital Unite, Hampshire County Council and the Oxford Institute of Ageing.

These are subjects we will be covering

  • New lifestyle segmentations that challenge accepted wisdom about middle age
  • The impact of recession on the middle-aged consumer’s behaviour and attitudes
  • Complex market and generational pressures and influences affecting their emotions
  • Where they are spending and how brands maintain equity in this valuable market
  • Which channels work best to engage and communicate with this generation
  • The secret lives of the middle aged man
  • How changing middle-aged demographics are affecting other sectors - kids, youth and the elderly

How can you not attend? If you are involved in research, consumer insight, planning or marketing you can claim your discount by emailing james.coyle@mrs.org.uk. Hope to see you there. Dick Stroud

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