Friday, June 26, 2009

Don't keep telling me about the problem give me a solution

Aviva is the UK’s largest insurance company and has taken to doing bits of research showing the dire financial straights of the UK’s over-50s as they reach retirement not having enough savings for their own wellbeing or that of their parents.

The most recent press release is: ‘Baby gloomers’ unprepared for parents’ retirement care.” The one before was: “A growing sandwich generation survives not thrives.”

I am sure the research is right on both accounts; however, it raises an interesting marketing question: “ Why keep telling people that they are, or will be poor, when they can’t do anything about it.” Maybe worse than that, why keep telling them about their lack of savings when they perceive the reason for their plight as being the fault, probably incorrectly, of the incompetence of finance companies like Aviva.

Aviva, don’t get me wrong, I totally understand why you are undertaking this PR research and I am sure the messages you are telling are true and sensible, but isn’t it counterproductive?

Now here is an idea for you. You rightly identify that there is a lack of knowledge about the costs and procedures of providing care. Why not divert your PR research budget into creating the definitive web site to help the sandwich generation navigate the unfathomable route between the NHS, social services and the charities who make up the elder care jigsaw. Dick Stroud.

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